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Organic Soaps

We are 100% committed to ensuring that whatever we purchase or produce fits in with our vision and committment to helping protect our environment, the world and the people around us. Our handmade natural soaps are included in this motto and if you buy a soap bar from us today it will help to create a chain reaction to keep the world a more caring place.

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Organic Creams

Natural moisturisers and creams by Carnica Bees are all made with the finest and most pure ingredients – all provided by Mother Nature. All elements are continuously sourced with an extremely ethical stance, we look at organic and fair trade standards and where possible use UK resources. Perfect for sensitive skin, our creams are perfect when it comes to taking care of skin.

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Beeswax Lip Balm

Why not try our lip balms range, perfect for any season due to the healing properties of beeswax combined with natural oils to provide your lips with a soft and silky touch all year round. Feel reassured that our beeswax products do not contain any harmful chemicals, artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives and we are totally against GM and animal testing.

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The Home of Eco Cosmetics – Carnica Bees

We bee-lieve in eco cosmetics and natural beauty products that make you look and feel wonderful!

Here at Carnica Bees, we spend time designing and constructing eco cosmetics by blending locally sourced elements with our collected beeswax. Our extensive range consists of lip balms, soaps, cleansers, hand creams, jewellery and more. We work consistently hard to create morally produced natural beauty products. The purity of the eco cosmetics we manufacture truly does mean everything to us, which is why we give so much time and attention in to every lip balm or pot of cream. Proven to revitalise and refresh skin, you could even surprise a special someone in your life with one of our gift sets.

Since establishment in 2012, we care for over 10 hives of buzzing bees who help us get the job done efficiently, we are green because it is important to us to put thought in to a sustainable future, there is nothing better than a completely pure and unaffected range of natural beauty products. We are different because we totally bee-lieve in ethical creation, all of our eco cosmetics are handmade and tested on close family, friends and neighbours to ensure that the attention to detail we put in to our natural beauty products truly does pay off. All items are wrapped individually with recycled tissue paper, we propose eco cosmetics that make your skin shine and your step spring! We even propose nappy balm for the little ones, ideal for keep their little bottoms soft and protected.

Browse our eco cosmetics online and order today. Please get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly team on 01840 213656 to discuss alternative gift ideas and available products. Alternatively, make an enquiry online, we will get back to you as soon as possible.