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Handmade Gift Wrapping

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Date Added: 03/09/2013

Honey Collecting!

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Hamper donated to G4G Auction

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Supporting G4G in February

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Happy Holidays

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Date Added: 21/12/2012

About Us




Four years ago I woke up one morning with Adrian telling me that he was going to buy some honey bees! For my part I just thought he had now gone completely mad...

Within a few weeks he was having lessons and he had bought his first hive which we situated in our back garden. To begin with, I cringed at the thought of a hive of bees so near to the house, but as Adrian began to work with them more and more, I overcame my fear and curiosity became the better of me. I used to sit at the top of the garden and shout questions to him from a distance as he was working through the bees. You know there seems to be something quite magical and serene about watching your bees come and go on their busy nectar or pollen collecting flights. It did not take long before I was given my own bee suit and accompanied Adrian on his hive inspections as his assistant!

To be honest I think he had given up shouting his answers and showing me the hive frames from across the garden!

We have now become quite used to sitting and watching them come and go on a warm summers evening as they are totally absorbed in their own work schedules.  Too often an odd bee will now come to rest on you before returning to the hive and it feels like such an honour and privilege to now be accepted as a friend.
From having one hive of bees in our back garden we now look after and care for 10 hives which we are constantly expanding. 

Starting our business ‘Carnica Bees’ has come from the desire to utilise any of the excess Beeswax and Honey that the bees have provided us over the seasons. We felt that our business name: ‘Carnica Bees’ should come from the heart and be given to the bees, as the recognition they deserve, so the name has sprung from the type of bees we care for.

All our hives are situated on the edge of the Bodmin moor, cornish countryside, so our peaceful bees have a wealth of wildflowers, tree blossoms and heathers to gather from.

On starting our business and in developing our growing range of products I have been completely obsessed with making sure that everything we do is ethical. I have spent hours of searching for ingredients and packaging that match my ethical standards. With all the best intentions we now source ingredients that are either: organically grown and or fairly traded or local. By buying our other ingredients in this way we have helped to support several co-operatives and small farmers to grow and manufacture their produce in a sustainable and ethical way. I believe that by daring to care about how we buy our goods in the future this will initiate a positive chain reaction whereby everyone within the process will be appreciated and ultimately be happy with the outcome. I also feel that by supporting smaller business projects and individuals who care about our environment we are creating a better world for our future generations.

Although we have a small amount of palm oil included in our soaps, the palm oil we use is sustainable and comes from a member of The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. RSPO certification or accreditation gives the seal of approval that the palm oil is ‘responsibly produced’ and ‘is produced without any undue harm to the environment or society’. From my research, I have read that the RSPO has some of the world’s toughest standards for sustainable production.

All our soaps, lip balms and creams are individually handmade in small batches with loving care and our soaps are all individually wrapped in our own handmade paper that has been recycled from office waste.  Much thought and effort has gone into producing each of these products and we do hope that you can now appreciate and enjoy them too!   

Why choose from Carnica Bees?

  • Our products are all individually handmade.
  • Our products are not tested on animals only family, friends and neighbours!
  • We source ingredients of the finest quality.
  • Each ingredient is researched for its ethical standards being either fairly traded or organic or local.
  • Our products are free from SLS, Parabens and Petrochemicals.
  • Our products are free from Artificial colours and preservatives.
  • Our products are free from Artificial fragrances. We only use pure essential oils.
  • We are totally against GM and therefore our products are GM free.
  • All our products are certified and safety assessed in accordance with EU regulations.
  • Our packaging is either recycled or recyclable.
  • We donate a percentage of our annual profit to the charity Gearing for Gorillas.
  • By purchasing from us you will also be helping to support the existence of the honey bee.
Our Vision “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.”  Whether or not this quote that was attributed to Albert Einstein is bogus – we believe that the honey bee is an important indicator for the balance of life in our fragile ecosystem, so our vision for the future is to remain 100% committed to the environment and our bees as we possibly can.