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Bee Cornish with Carnica Bees

Bringing local Cornish producers together...

Now at Carnica Bees, we have decided to evolve and develop a new attitude to our website shopping experience. We are proud to say that our values of buying local ingredients for our own products was one of our moral key points, well now we are extending that and welcoming other Cornish producers onto our website scene. Keep a look out as we extend our links and Cornish products over time, but we are going to be deeply committed to helping promote other local Cornish items to our range that we sell. We feel that working with other local businesses is a step in the right direction to helping everyone along on their path. Working together and being a part of the Cornish scene is paramount to our ethics and ideals and by doing this we hope that we can all be a part of a wider business community and also offer more to you as a purchaser.

For more information, or to be a part of our website, please contact us.