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Handmade Gift Wrapping

We have decided to include on the website a gift wrap … read more

Date Added: 03/09/2013

Honey Collecting!

Our Kitchen was turned into a honey processing scene … read more

Date Added: 02/09/2013

Hamper donated to G4G Auction

We decided to donate a hamper of Carnica Bees goodies … read more

Date Added: 16/07/2013

Supporting G4G in February

Throughout the month of February we will be donating … read more

Date Added: 01/02/2013

Happy Holidays

We hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful Christmas … read more

Date Added: 21/12/2012
Hands off my Honey
Hands off my Honey

Hands off my Honey


Bear has a great big jar of delicious honey. And he won't share with anyone!

But Mouse, Mole and the Rabbit Brothers are hungry. With a dodge, jump, leap, and roll they set out across the forest...

Can they make it to the honey without that scary bear seeing them?

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