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Handmade Gift Wrapping

We have decided to include on the website a gift wrap … read more

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Honey Collecting!

Our Kitchen was turned into a honey processing scene … read more

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Hamper donated to G4G Auction

We decided to donate a hamper of Carnica Bees goodies … read more

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Supporting G4G in February

Throughout the month of February we will be donating … read more

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Happy Holidays

We hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful Christmas … read more

Date Added: 21/12/2012
The Bad Beekeepers Club
The Bad Beekeepers Club

The Bad Beekeepers Club


'Hello. My name is Bill and I'm a bad beekeeper. A really bad beekeeper.'

So begins Bill Turnbull's charming account of how he stumbled into the mysterious world of beekeeping (sometimes literally).

Despite many setbacks - including being stung in the head (twice) on his first day of training - beekeeping somehow taught Bill a great deal about himself and the world around him. At the same time, his story highlights the very real threats to Britain's bee population, and what we can do to create a better environment for these vital and wonderful creatures.

Fascinating and often hilarious, The Bad Beekeepers Club is a universally appealing story about a very singular passion.

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